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Management of individual portfolios


The individual management of your assets is a good alternative of the deposit, as it brings you the opportunity for better return and more investment opportunities. More and more clients prefer using professional services when it comes to their savings. If you seek a personal approach for your money, then the management of individual portfolio is the best alternative. With us you will get a well-structured investment portfolio, through which you will still be able to express your own view of the markets. Your personal investment consultant is at your disposal – you will have the opportunity to discuss with him the strategy for your finances and we will express it through active management in line with your needs and views.



Arcus Asset Management JSC as an asset management company enables you to participate in the world financial markets. It you entrust your funds with us, we carefully analyze the financial instruments to invest in and they are kept with the depositories we work with. These are the internationally renowned institutions UniCredit Group and SaxoBank.



Financial Consultations

The team from “Portfolio management and Financial Consultations” department offers professional financial consultations. You can benefit not only from the planning of your whole financial strategy, but we can also provide you with specific analysis for certain industries, companies or countries.